About Us

Who We are

We are the New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice, Inc. and we are dedicated to promoting leadership, excellence and service in the Criminal Justice Arena. In partnership with our criminal justice public and private sector partners, NYSMICJ is committed to equal opportunity, economic equity, cultural competency, and advancing legislative initiatives to reform inequities within criminal justice laws and practices.

New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice, Inc. include representatives of all -- races, ethnic groups, genders, religions, ages, and those individuals who are physically, mentally, and economically challenged.

Our Goals

  • Increase minority representation and participation as policy makers within the administration of justice - nationally, regionally, and locally
  • Promote recruitment, hiring, promotion and retention of minorities at all levels of employment and contracted services offered by criminal justice agencies, including public resources available to the federal, state and the private sectors
  • Influence and promote legislation and social Policy formulation within the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government
  • Encourage the education and professional development of its members
  • Encourage and promote the upward mobility and career development of its membership
  • Vigorously support the philosophy of fair employment, fair treatment and equal opportunity for all
  • Promote training conferences and seminars to support minorities and improve the knowledge and skills of the membership of the criminal justice process
  • Support all efforts to improve the working relations and the visibility of minorities in the criminal justice system, including efforts to advance system-wide cultural competencies and related evidenced-based practices